The Crafter's Forum
        This is a forum for all crafters to exchange questions, tips, and information.    It
is at this time open to all that would like to participate.
       I believe that this forum can
better serve our needs than the present yahoo group.  The reasons for this are:
The questions, topics, and etc. are all threaded, meaning in a hierarchical group.

What that means, is that all the answers to a question are in one place.   In a simple
directory structure.     So that you can ask a question, and not have to look
twenty odd e-mails looking for an answer.    Or, that you can post a tip, and someone
can reply to it.   Hopefully the examples in the forum board will help explain.   If you
have any questions contact  myself ( Johnny , my e-mail is on the Judy Lynn Pottery
Site )  or mike (his e-mail is on the
site ).